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Maruti Suzuki Dzire Price in India


       Being a niche sub-segment which was born out of the urge to

take advantage of a local tax regulation, the development of every

compact entry sedan was always going to be a bit of ‘jugaad’

engineering. In a way, it is a reflection of the collective Indian

mindset considering our penchant for tax avoidance and our irrational

acceptance of the sedan as an ‘aspirational’ body style.


        But a sub-four-metre sedan can’t be an optimal package

because there is very little room to work with; and it would

inevitably tend to be an ungainly variant of the hatchback on which it

was built. Almost every compact sedan currently in the market has

seemed uncomfortable in its skin. The outgoing Maruti Suzuki Dzire has

been a prime example. The Swift was already not the best package in

terms of the exterior dimensions to interior space leverage. And the

shared hatchback design was too overpowering even in the second gen

Dzire sedan. But both these facets of the Dzire will change with the

introduction of the new 2017 model




      The all new Maruti Swift desire 2017 is underpinned by all new

platform, which Suzuki has named as Heartect. The Maruti Baleno is

also based on the same platform. High tensile steel is used in this

platform, thus making it not only lighter, but even stronger than

before. More width in this car result in better driving dynamics.



The 2017 Maruti Dzire looks attractive and stylish from the front now.

The design overall is now more proportionate and does not like its

trying too hard. The new Dzire comes with a balanced look this is

modern as well. The fascia embodies a new imposing grille with chrome



Side and Rear

The side profile now looks much more balanced. The boot is very well

integrated in the body and doesn’t look like a forced job. The new

15-inch alloy wheels also make the car look smarter. The rear looks

similar to the old Dzire but has better styling. The tail lamps are

now LED ones and look much more premium. The paint quality has also

improved this time. The New Maruti Dzire 2017 is indeed an excellent

job my Maruti.




        Step inside the cabin of the new Dzire and one instantly

realises that this isn’t the cabin of another Maruti Suzuki car with a

few new bits but is an all-new design instead. The dual-tone dashboard

comprises of a black top while the lower part is beige. The wood

finish in the dashboard and in the lower part of the flat-bottomed

steering wheel adds to the premium appeal of the cabin significantly.

This makes the Dzire the second compact sedan to have a flat-bottomed

steering wheel after the Volkswagen Ameo.


         The touchscreen infotainment system in the centre console

looks similar to the one seen on the Baleno and Vitara Brezza but has

a different housing. It’s different in terms of functionality as well

and comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It has the usual SD

Card -based navigation and connectivity options also include

Bluetooth, USB and Aux-In. The system is easy to use and the simple

user-interface means people with limited knowledge of smartphones to

will not have problems operating it. There are two 12V power outlets

too, one on the lower centre console and the other between the front

seats. The door pockets in front and back can easily store one litre

bottles and still leave space for a fair bit of small items.


        The new Maruti Suzuki Dzire is wider by 40 mm than the older model and has

increased leg room and shoulder room too. With the driver’s seat

adjusted for a person of 5 feet 8 inches, a six feet person was able

to sit in the rear seat without his knees brushing against the front

seats. The backrest incline angle of the bench is good, making it

comfortable for longer journeys too. The under-thigh support will

prove adequate for most people but for taller occupants, this could be

a slight issue. The door armrests at the rear could do with a bit of

fabric cushioning as the hard plastic can be a bit discomforting after

a while. These, however, are minor issues, which do not make a

considerable difference to the in-cabin experience.


      In a nutshell, the interior of the new Dzire carries forward

the premium positioning of the vehicle. It quite simply is the best

cabin in the compact sedan segment in India from all aspects.




        Maruti Suzuki deserves a big round of applause for offering

six automatic variants in the new Dzire. The AMT tech not just offers

gearless convenience but also doesn’t compromise fuel economy, and of

course, keeps the sticker price in check too! With multiple automatic

variants on offer, the Dzire AMT will be accessible to a wider set of



         The second-gen Swift Dzire too was equipped with an AMT

paired with the diesel engine. Both the engine & the gearbox are

carried forward in the new Dzire but are calibrated differently. This

results in smoother gearshifts. So, while the AMT still takes its own

good time to upshift or downshift, the cabin experience is slightly

richer than before as the head nod that accompanied every gear change

previously is now subdued, but it’s still there.


         The 1.3-litre diesel engine makes 75PS of max power at

4000rpm & 190Nm of peak torque at 2000rpm. The continuous torque surge

makes the diesel Dzire a great mile muncher with very less downshifts

required to make quick progress. When out on the highways, it’s best

to use AMT in the semi-manual mode for downshifting to time the

overtakes better, and also to hold upshifts and utilise the power band

to spring back to three-digit speeds. In normal driving conditions the

AMT is keen to upshift early. The artificial intelligence prompts the

‘box to upshift below 3000rpm on medium throttle input.


          It does, however, hit the redline before upshifting with

the A-pedal completely depressed. The AMT’s party trick is the creep

function which allows you to pull the car forward from nought in the

second gear. It’s like moving in traffic on half a clutch. Try doing

that on the manual Dzire to realise the importance of an automatic.

So, while the diesel manual Dzire should continue to munch miles, the

AMT-diesel is now better suited for frequent city spins.


         But the powertrain of the moment should go to the petrol-AMT

combination. The 1.2-litre (83PS, 113Nm) petrol engine is a refined

unit, and it was there on-duty in the Swift Dzire as well. The engine

is the same, but it comes with the 5-speed AMT now instead of the

4-speed torque converter (and there’s a 5-speed manual as well). The

drive experience of the petrol-AMT combination is plush thanks to low

NVH levels and smooth gear shifts. The gear shift quality may not be

as silky as in the Ignis petrol-AMT (same engine-transmission combo),

but it won’t give you a dramatic head-nod moment you’d associate with

AMTs in general


        Talking about the engine characteristics, there’s torque on

offer starting from low revs, and the band is quite wide as well. So,

you can hold it in one gear higher without any resistance from the

engine to downshift. The engine is also happy cruising all day long,

with the 100kmph ticking at about 2800rpm in the fifth gear and max

torque range still 1400rpm away. The gearing is tall although the

engine doesn’t quite like to be revved to its limit. So, it’s possible

to go well past the three digit mark in the third gear, but that won’t

satisfy you as much as chugging it around its max torque range will,

where it sounds the sportiest.


         On the whole, the Dzire is still focused on covering maximum

distance using minimum fuel. The engines were already fuel efficient,

and reduction in weight has further helped matters. That doesn’t take

away the Dzire’s engaging-to-drive nature, especially diesel’s, that

shows eagerness to roll on thanks to the turbocharger unit. The petrol

engine also has a new role to play now, and that is to offer a

superlative drive experience owing to the AMT two-pedal tech and high

refinement levels.




        The 2017 Maruti Dzire now comes with dual front airbags, ABS

and ISOFIX mounts on all variants which is a very positive move. The

car is lighter than before since it is based on the new HEARTACT

platform. Talking about service, Maruti Suzuki has the best sales and

after-sales network in India and the Dzire can be serviced in any nook

and corner of the country since the company has a service centre

almost everywhere




         The new Dzire offers a good balance between ride comfort and

high-speed handling. The suspension is tuned to be inclined towards

the softer side and hence ride quality at urban speeds is comfortable.

The car feels stable up to about 120 kmph and only beyond that a hint

of uncertainty starts to creep in. Brakes offer good bite and the

feedback from the pedal too is decent. Since the


         suspension has a soft setup, high-speed cornering can result

in a fair bit of body roll but that cannot be termed as a negative as

the Dzire is positioned as a practical and value-for-money vehicle and

not as a performance vehicle




         Maruti, as ever, has its fingers on the pulse of the Indian

market, and this new Dzire is tailor-made to cater to the demands and

needs of customers. It’s got all the right ingredients – space,

practicality, comfort, good equipment on top variants, fuel-efficient

engines and, above everything, the backing of Maruti’s extensive sales

and support network. Also, the inclusion of ABS with EBD, and dual

airbags as standard across the range is an excellent move that’s sure

to go down well with increasingly safety-conscious Indians. With a

wide introductory price range of Rs 5.45-9.41 lakh (ex-showroom,

Delhi), there should be a Dzire variant for everyone. There’s little

doubt then, despite the rise of the compact SUV, and doubts about the

longevity of this segment in the light of the upcoming GST

implementation, that Maruti seems to have another blockbuster on its



Maruti Suzuki Dzire Ex Showroom Price in New Delhi ranges from 5,42,706/- (Dzire LXI) to  9,39,084/- (Dzire ZDI Plus AT) .Maruti Suzuki Dzire has 14 Variants of Petrol are available in India. Maruti Suzuki Dzire comes in 6 colours, namely Oxford Blue,Magna Gray,Gallant Red,Sherwood Brown,Silky Silver,Pearl Arctic White.

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