Volvo XC60 Performance & Price

Volvo XC60 Overview

Volvo Cars India is introducing a wide range of models and the C60 would be the latest entry in the premium compact SUV segment. The Volvo XC60 interiors will have the cockpit design with sleek design of dashboard, leather upholstery, power adjust seats, multi-zone automatic air conditioning and touchscreen display infotainment system. The off-road driving would be assisted with electronic stability control system, traction control system and ride height control system. The safety features of airbags at the front, side and curtain airbags for the rear seat occupants, and park distance control system would be offered in this model. Volvo XC60  price range in India is between 50,68,313/-  to 50,68,313/-, check for detail pricing of Xc60 in Carzprice


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Volvo XC60 Design

The Volvo XC60 has a very aggressive front look as compared to the others in its class. The chrome chunky logo sits firm on the traditional trapezoidal grille. A V-pattern can be easily observed in the entire front design line. The flared up side profile gives the junior Volvo a bigger SUV look. The bifocal Xenon dual lamps are not too stretched and fit just right. The turn indicators integrated with the front light assembly completes the arch of the headlight curve, its subtle positioning is the best I feel. Volvo XC60 has a longish bonnet, with a firm shoulder line which runs through the front and climbs its way up to rear boot.Day running LED strips which are parallel to the chrome lining of the radiator grille also contribute to the overall V-shaped theme of the front.Contours made on the front bumper run down from the headlights to the lower line. The positioning of the side air takes on the front bumper is very relaxed. It’s situated at the extreme ends on both sides.

The exterior dimensions of the Volvo include 4627mm length which is lesser as compared to the X3 and Q5. 2120mm width, which is more than that of Q5 and X3 and 2774mm wheelbase, which is lesser than the Q5 and X3.The ground clearance of this low slung Volvo XC60 is 230 mm, more than its rivals Q5 – 201mm and the X3-203mm.Side profile of XC60 is very interesting as the lines run in an ascending manner. The Chrome lining that starts from the front window goes right upto the rear quarter panel. The parallel roof-rails are in contrast with the paint scheme. While the front is low slung, it’s complemented by the raised rear end with those flowing tail lamps.Volvo offers the XC60 in 9 colors which are the Flemenco Red metallic, Terra Bronze metallic, Cosmic White metallic, Silver metallic, Seashell metallic, Ice White, Seville Grey metallic, Black Sapphire metallic and Barents blue metallic. We drove the Black Sapphire metallic shade.The chrome laden Volvo syllables sit on the tail gate. The flowing tail lamps are quite a sight in the evenings. Something which we didn’t like in the exteriors were the exhaust mufflers, it should have been integrated with the rear bumper. In India, cars half the price of it have that arrangement these days.The 17” wheels give a nice side profile. The “XC” syllables embossed on the wheels in a nice touch .The overall design of the Volvo XC60 has been made to create a motion-when-standing look.

Volvo XC60 Cabin

Volvo’s reputation for tastefully simple interiors is on full display in the 2017 XC60. The inviting cabin features a distinctive “waterfall” center stack that gracefully joins the dash and center console. Operating the climate control is intuitive, but other systems might take some getting used to. In particular, the infotainment system is controlled via a multifunction knob on the center stack rather than a traditional touchscreen or dial mount where your hand naturally rests. Menus for navigation and music browsing can also be confusing.Seat comfort, on the other hand, is excellent. Front seats are well shaped and appropriately cushioned for long road trips, and the range of adjustments ensure a comfortable position for a variety of body types. Rear seats are similarly accommodating, delivering adult-sized head- and legroom. Volvo is still one of the only manufacturers to offer integrated child booster seats that fold out of the rear bench.The quality of the interior materials is decent for the class, though some newer SUVs have surpassed the XC60 in terms of overall look and feel. The XC60’s age also shows in the overabundance of buttons on the center stack and small infotainment screen. Cargo space is better than average, though, providing 30.8 cubic feet behind the rear seats and up to 67 cubic feet with those seats folded.

Volvo XC60 Performance

The base variant, D4 Kinetic and D4 Summum is integrated with an engine which has a capacity to displace about 1984cc. It can generate a maximum power of 181bhp and a peak torque output of 400 Nm. While the top end trim has a motor which can displace 215bhp and can produce a torque output of 440Nm. The base and mid level variants have been skilfully coupled with a proficient 6-speed automatic transmission gear box. On the other hand, the top end trim is mated with a eight speed automatic gear box. .The base variant, D4 Kinetic version as well as the mid range variant, D4 Summum has the ability to deliver a decent mileage of 12.6 Kmpl in the city to 20 Kmpl on the freeways. Whereas, the top end trim can squeeze out 11.76 Kmpl under city conditions and can make up to 18.86 Kmpl on highways.

The base and mid level trims have an engine, which has the capacity to produce a maximum power of 181bhp and can generate an impressive peak torque output of 400Nm. On the other hand, the top end trim, D5 Summum is equipped with an efficient motor, which can generate a maximum power of 215bhp and can produce a torque yield of 440Nm.This crossover series have been fitted with disc brakes for all the wheels, which help in efficient braking instantly even at shorter distances. It is also equipped with the advanced ABS with EBD along with DSTC anti-skid system, which prevents vehicle from skidding on wet surfaces. The suspension system is also very dependable with a dynamic chassis, which keeps the vehicle well balanced at all times. There are other aspects like a continuously controlled chassis concept that aids in improving the car’s handling, RSC active stability system helps in keeping the stability, whenever there is a hurdle.

Volvo XC60 Driving

The Volvo XC60 R-Design has a steering which you wouldn’t exactly call light. The wheel has some weight but it isn’t that heavy to cause too much inconvenience while parking. At high speeds, the steering starts gaining weight and promises a lot of confidence to the driver. Steering feedback is so-so and we would have loved it if it was a bit more. On the handling front, the XC60 really rocks and it promises a lot of fun while attacking corners at speeds you would generally do in a well-weighted sedan. The 235 section Pirelli P Zero Rosso tyres have outstanding levels of grip.

If you gain something, you lose something. All this excellent handling comes at the cost of ride quality. The suspension is a bit stiffly sprung and hence the vehicle doesn’t have the most supple, or should I say, comforting ride. At high speeds, it gobbles up potholes with ease and the SUV remains very nicely composed, but at city speeds, some of the undulations do manage to filter inside the cabin, with a thud too sometimes. The suspension settings cannot really be tweaked for Indian versions since the vehicle comes as a completely built unit from its home country. The braking performance on the XC60 R-Design is just brilliant and the pedal has enough feel while the brakes have a lot of bite that make the vehicle stop in time.

Volvo XC60 Safety

Thankfully, Volvo hasn’t forgotten about its roots because the latest XC60 has some of the most advanced safety features in the class.Automatic emergency city braking is standard on all trims and not only recognises other cars, but also cyclists, pedestrians and large animals. The system can even help you swerve around obstacles and back onto the correct side of the road, although this feature only initiates if you start to make an evasive manoeuvre.

Blind spot monitoring and Pilot Assist (automatic steering at speeds of up to 80mph) are available as part of a pack, which also includes adaptive cruise control. However, until Euro NCAP publishes its crash test results for the XC60, we can’t tell you how it’s likely to protect you, your kids or any pedestrians in an accident compared with rivals.As you’d expect in a car costing this much money, all trims levels come with an alarm and an immobiliser, and security experts Thatcham rate it with its maximum five stars for resisting theft, and four stars for repelling scallywags trying to break in and pinch your valua

Volvo XC60 Price

Volvo Xc60 Ex-Showroom Price in India ranges from 50,68,313/- (XC60 Inscription) to 50,68,313/- (XC60 Inscription). Get best offers for Volvo Xc60 from Volvo Dealers in Ihdia

Volvo XC60 Bottomline

I’ll repeat what I said in the introduction paragraph. What a car! While the BMW X3 may be more fun to drive than this and the Mercedes GLE might be more comfortable, the Volvo isn’t a bad proposition at all and it is a brilliant alternative to the X3, GLE and the Q5. The Volvo manages to offer the best of all worlds and the fact that it is imported as a CBU, unlike its rivals which are locally assembled, makes the deal even more sweeter. Also, the Volvo seems a bit cheaper or at par with competition but it benefits from lower insurance premiums which is again like a cherry on the cake. All in all, the Volvo XC60 R-Design is a great buy and we don’t see any reason for it to not be successful in our market. On a personal note, after driving the XC90 first and now the XC60, I’ve most definitely made up my mind to welcome a Volvo car in my garage in the near future.


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