What Are The Keywords in SEO That Users Are Searching For

What is a keyword?

I’ve already mentioned the word keyword a number of times so far in this guide. It’s without doubt one the most commonly used terms in SEO, for a reason.A keyword is a word or phrase that users enter into the search box.A keyword can be a single word like ‘SEO’ or ‘shoes’ or multiple words like ‘what is seo’ or ‘indian restaurants near me’ or even more words like ‘what is the difference between SEO and SEM’.Once the search button is pressed, search engine algorithms try to find and return the best pages related to the search term used. Digital Marketing Companies in Hyderabad visit Vivid Digital 

Your job as an SEO is to make it obvious to both search engines and users as to which keywords you content is related to.If you do this successfully, your content has more chances of appearing high in the results for your chosen keywords.Of course, not all keywords are equal. A lot more people are using Google to search for ‘sports shoes’ than ‘parrot cages’.A person searching for ‘men running shoes’ is more likely to become a customer than a person searching for ‘will it rain tomorrow’.

What is very interesting is that according to Google, 20% – 25% of the search queries are new and Google has never seen before. This means that people enter billions of keywords in the search box that were never searched before.This creates a great opportunity for website owners (and SEO’s) to create content targeting those keywords.

It’s not just about keywords

Over the years Google managed to move past keywords and understand the actual intent of the user without relying on the actual query entered into the search box.

For example, if you search for ‘how to lose weight on your stomach’ Google can understand that you are looking for ‘ways to reduce belly fat’ and will return relevant results to satisfy your intent.

This means that when optimizing your content, you should also take into account the relevancy of your keywords and not just their exact meaning.

What is keyword research?

How to find keywords that matter for your website.Keyword research is the process of finding out what users are searching so that you can optimize your content and website to satisfy their intent.Let’s say that you have a website selling ‘swim suits’. Before deciding the structure of your website or how to organize your products, you can perform keyword research to find out what words users are using related to ‘swim suits’.


To do this you need a tool and there are a number of free and paid tools available. I’m using SEMRUSH which is one of the most powerful tools in the market but as a beginner you can start with the keyword planner tool, a free tool from Google.When you enter the word ‘swim suits’ in SEMRUSH you are presented with a number of details like: how many people search that keyword on Google every month (Volume), how difficult that keyword is in terms of competitors (KD) and how much it cost if you are to use PPC ads targeting those keywords (CPC).

It is clear from the example above that most people use the term ‘swim suits’, instead of ‘swimming suits’ and that a lot of people are looking for ‘plus size swim suits’.These are all great keywords to target in your content. This information tells you that you need to create the following categories in your shop: ‘Plus Size Swim Suits’, ‘Sexy Swim Suits’ and ‘Swim Suits for women’.


Let’s see another example related to content most suited to informational type blogs, like a food blog.You are thinking of publishing recipes related to ‘avocado’. You go to SEMRUSH to do your keyword research.

Long tail keywords

It is normal that the above keywords are highly competitive too. Searching for ‘avocado toast recipes’ in Google returns 46 million pages!!This means that your chances for ranking for that search term is limited, especially if you are starting out now. For SEO Agency Check Here

What is the solution in this case?

Long tail keywords are search queries that include a number of words and generally have a lower search volume but also less competition.This creates a huge opportunity for SEOs, since they can create content to target those keywords and actually have some chances of getting high rankings and traffic from Google.

SEMRUSH has a number of options that allows you to drill down and filter the keywords to find long tail keywords that are easier to target.‘Avocado black eyed pea salsa recipe’ is a long tail keyword that is worth targeting.

Are meta keywords important for SEO?

You may have come across the phrase ‘meta keywords’ which are keywords entered in the header of a webpage to describe the content of a page.

In the early stages of SEO this was a way to tell search engines what a page is about. Over the years search engines have stopped using meta keywords information so they are no longer important or used by search engines.


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